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Last year Brandon and I came up to a race to grab a few photos for some friends. We were incredibly impressed with what we experienced and ended up going back to every race. I shot some of my favorite images during the 2014 season. I really enjoy going out on the course and seeing these athletes just rocking all day. I have always had a drive to make "The Other" sports imagery look awesome. Back in the day you only saw stellar photos in magazines, and never anything from the up-and-coming generation. Now with digital cameras and them internets we have access to more visual media than Orwell thought was possible. One of the "rules" about photography, especially in the professional world, is that you should only put out your best work. Quality over quantity. That is not what we are doing here. Here we have a metric ton of photos in dodgy light, shot while gasping for breath, and from all over every race course. We have this here because we love it. We decided to try and publish shots of as many riders as possible knowing full well how hard it was going to be. We want you to see them too. We are not spending far too many hours sorting tens of thousands of photo files thinking that we will get rich. We know that is not the case. We are doing this because the program is amazing, the feels on race day are cozy, experiencing true sportsmanship is inspiring, and because we want more people to see it. We want all of you riders and parents to see as many shots as possible. If you would like to purchase and download your photos to keep, it would delight us and help us do more in the future. I set the same price to download all photos available, regardless of how many there were. If that is an issue, please email me here.  We are giving you everything we got. Some of them are my new favorite images, some I wouldn't normally post online. But I want you to see everything, because it was great. That is what photography is about to us. - Ryan (the red bearded fella) 

TL;DR - Hey! These kids are rockstars and we want you to look!